• Named Entity Recognition: Extract names, entities, brands, locations and dates from all kind of textual data including e-mails, news and data streams.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Your customers express what they think and feel about you on social media. Gather sentimental meaning with Cognitus Sentiment Analyzer.
  • Topic Detection: You have more than words in your texts. Tag your topics and keywords to get actionable insights about the voice of your customers.
  • Text Classification: You have your own categories, but you don’t have any profession in natural language processing? Upload your data to Cognitus, enable our machine learning model based on your data, then start using your custom API. 

Available Services

Cloud API


Custom Solutions

Focus on your application, by using our Rest API, you can attain easily and continuously to Cognitus' functions running on the cloud.

Cognitus is not dependent on any outer systems, it can be set or founded to your company net if you wish. Contact us for further information.

Is there any problem that you have to solve or any analytical data you are looking for? Don't hesitate to write to us.


Accessible Artificial Intelligence: Harness the power of natural language processing without dealing with the complexities of grammar. 

Easy Integration: Start using our RESTful API within minutes.

Cognitus Everywhere: With its cloud and on-premise hosting options, Cognitus can be tailored to your business needs.

Continuous Learning: Cognitus natural language processing models are always up-to-date with our continuous data refreshment process.